More Than
Just a Toy

Health and the Environment — the Highest Standard

QUADRO’s track record of safety starts in 1979. From the beginning we have insisted on using materials that are safe and durable. QUADRO components have no pointy corners or sharp edges. Our tubes have a high wall thickness to ensure stability.

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Girl playing in QUADRO ball pit

Promoting Child Development

Play is not only about having fun or to keep kids distracted, it is a crucial part of a child’s development. Children are developing all kinds of skills during playtime, such as self-confidence and independent learning.

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Quality Assurance and Guarantee

Find out we are so confident in the durability of QUADRO that we've given it a 6-Year guarantee.

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Our Story

Since 1979, QUADRO has been inspiring kids and grown-ups alike to be creative in a big way. See how it all began.

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